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“Barb gave me the tools I needed to move forward and become stronger.  She taught me that I had the skills and courage to “fix it” myself.  I am stronger, happier and I have forgiven the people who hurt me.   I have moved way, way forward and I am a healthier person in my head and heart.  Barb opened my eyes/mind to the fact that the universe is a big place and anything is possible.”


Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed.

Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed.


Would you like to stop your negative mental chatter?  Would you like to eliminate emotional triggers and transform your past patterns that block you?  Would you like to alleviate your anxiety, stress and worry from difficult relationships and challenging situations?  I teach powerful tools and techniques to help you create a more conscious, joy-filled, peaceful life.

“Working with Barb was very eye opening.  I learned so much about the reasons that I react to situations the way I do.  I learned how to communicate with my husband and what he needs to feel loved.  I am a much better communicator, I am much more confident in myself and my relationship.  She made it possible to look at myself and evaluate how I can make things better for me and my family.  I feel much stronger physically, mentally and emotionally and prepared to deal with the bumps in the road as they come up.”

H. Anthem, Az.

Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed.

What would it take to choose something different for your life?
Eliminating Anxiety & Stress Through Relationship Wisdom

Life Coaching

Do you have any relationships in your life that cause you worry and stress?  Do you have anxiety about your partner, adult children, aging siblings, caring for your parent. or any of life’s difficult challenges ?  Do you want to feel peaceful, have more energy and clarity?  Do you want to calmly deal with difficult situations?  Learn how to … Read more…

Energy Practitioner

Would you like to treat your anxiety, worry, stress, overwhelm, anger at the source... the imbalances in your body’s energy system? Emotions are energy.  Releasing the energy allows space for the body to utilize it’s own healing abilities. There are many energy healing approaches…all based on One Source….the Universal Life Force.  Read more…


Do you desire to feel calmer and live a more peaceful life?  Would you like to quit smoking? Have you tried before and weren’t successful?   Would you like to release those extra pounds for health benefits and  to look and feel better?  Do you have fears you would like to overcome?  This is a powerful approach to assist you with each of these issues. Read more


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