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Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed. is a Holistic Life Coach,  Energy Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is a Certified Life Coach,  Certified Life Story Coach and has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in business since 1986.  Barbara has completed training in Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master Certification, Access Bars®, Level II Emotional Freedom Technique, EMF Balancing,  Medicine Wheel program, Energetic Tools training & advanced classes in healing techniques.  She also completed classes at Sunlight Alliance including an 11 week class on Invoking the Arch-Angels and  Mind- Body- Spirit Practitioner Certification.  She enthusiastically shares her wisdom gathered from her life experiences as well as her many years of  integrating her metaphysical training with traditional counseling training.

Barbara graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education from Indiana University, a Master of Arts in Special Education from Northern Arizona University and a Master of Arts in Counseling Education from Northern Arizona University.  She has worked as a counselor in private practice since 1986. She began her professional career as an elementary school teacher in rural southern Indiana.  She moved to Gallup, New Mexico where she taught fourth grade on the Navajo Reservation. She later moved to Casa Grande, Arizona where she continued to teach elementary school education and became a special education resource teacher for grades K-6. In 1979 she moved to Phoenix and joined the Glendale Union High School District where she taught Special Education Learning Skills Resource classes to teens ages 14 to 18. She eventually became Program Coordinator/Counselor for a federally funded pilot project that served At-Risk teenage children from the nine high schools in the Glendale Union High School District. In the 1990’s she began working as a high school Guidance Counselor. In addition to working in the school district Barbara began her private counseling practice in 1986. Her private practice included contract work with Department of Economic Security, Child Protective Services, Jobs Administration Program, Department of Developmental Disabilities, Arizona Office of the Courts (adjudicated youth), Department of Corrections (Paroled Youth). This has given her an extensive traditional background in working with adults, adolescents, moms, children, parents and families.

Mother Hugging DaughterBarbara served as a volunteer with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Mental Health Counselor and responded to several major disasters – including 911 – helping families cope with their traumatic experiences and extensive losses.  She has been on radio shows, developed workshops and presented educational program training.

Barbara is married, has two daughters and two grandchildren. She enjoys swimming, tai chi and kumihimo beading. Barbara and her husband  live in Sun City West. She is a member of the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists with Diplomate Status, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and the American Counseling Association.  She is also a member of  The Conscious Community and Arizona Mind Body Spirit Lightworkers.  Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating any health problem.

Many years ago I began my own personal journey to heal my wounds created throughout my life…..”my story”.  Quite frankly, I was exhausted from repeating my toxic relationship patterns and failed marriages.  I was ready to take a journey inward, to change my limiting beliefs, heal my emotional wounds and create a new, more conscious way of living.  Thus, began my own very personal…often painful….healing journey to create my new “story”……a story not based on my past……..a story created with conscious choices and possibilities far beyond what I have ever imagined.

This journey of mine took me to many places.  It taught me how my thoughts attract what I experience and mold my reality.  I learned how to release my limiting beliefs, change my self-talk and shift my perceptions. I learned I could transform my family history of depression and anxiety and not make it mine or identify with it any longer.  My introspection revealed my emotional triggers and how they affected my life by automatically emotionally reacting rather than being able to “choose” my responses.  I experienced very different outcomes in my relationships and I viewed myself much differently when I realized the power of my ability to wisely choose my behavior without the entanglements of my past emotional triggers.  I learned confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of power while creating my new “story”.

This is why I began working with clients.  There is no greater joy for me than to walk with someone on their journey while creating their new “story”.  I began as a “talk” therapist offering people tools and techniques to help them to lessen their anxiety, change their thinking, toxic behavior patterns, release their emotional blocks and shift their perceptions.  As I evolved I added many new tools and techniques to teach people to use along their journey.  I now understand that everything is energy.  I began offering Emotional Freedom Technique to help people move the energy to release their toxic emotions.  In my quest for more energetic tools I learned advanced healing techniques, became a Certified Reiki Master, learned Access Bars® and EMF Balancing. In addition I studied with a Shaman to teach people how to protect their energy from energy “vampires”, how to cut energetic cords along with many other energetic tools.

A client told me recently,  “After working with you I have learned to trust myself.  I learned so many great techniques on how to get in touch with my own feelings and how to deal with situations.  I am so much more confident than I have ever been.  I live my dreams without fear, anxiety or doubt.  I boldly take on new challenges both personally and professionally.  I am strong, independent and accomplished.  I emerged from my experience working with you with a new understanding and power I didn’t know I had.  I would not be the person I am today if it were not for your services.”

I invite you to begin your own personal journey with me…. to consciously create your new “story” filled with infinite possibilities.


Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed.

” I was struggling with co-dependent relationships and not making very good choices in my life.  I was stressed, anxious and depressed.  I always felt very comfortable talking about everything, and never felt any judgment.  I was always able to release emotions working with Barb.  Each session was also a strong learning experience.  I always felt like I came away with an enlightened perspective that was separate from the whirlwind of emotions I may have been experiencing.  I always learned practical things I could do to address anything troubling me. In my years living in many locations where I have worked with different counselors, I have not found anyone who has been as concretely helpful as Barb.”


The Basis of Life is Freedom. The Purpose of Life is Joy. The Result of Life is Growth. ~ Abraham~ What would it take for you to choose something different for your life?  What else is possible?

Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed.

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“I marvel at the Universe & how it conspires for us.  Having just had a very successful surgery, I found myself feeling judgmental & jealous of others.  I just couldn’t seem to shake it.  One day when I was feeling low I saw a posting of Barbara’s energy healing sessions.  This was exactly what I needed !  Barbara is a kind, gentle healer & this session left me feeling relaxed & at peace.  The judgment & jealousy has disappeared.  I am amazed !”


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