Energy Practitioner

Would you like to treat your anxiety, worry, stress, overwhelm, anger at the source... the imbalances in your body’s energy system? Emotions are energy.  Releasing the energy allows space for the body to utilize it’s own healing abilities. There are many energy healing approaches…all based on One Source….the Universal Life Force.  Barbara has studied many energy healing approaches including Access Bars®, EMF Balancing Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and Q’uero ancient healing techniques. Holistic Heart-Centered  ENERGY HEALING sessions are a combination of these techniques based on the specific needs of the individual.  In addition Barbara works to energetically remove emotional triggers that block our ability to choose our responses wisely rather than reacting with automatic responses that leave us feeling depleted and anxious.  This is a beautiful, powerful, complimentary approach to learning Relationship Wisdom.

Barbara is offering EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE that quickly resolves emotional distress through tapping on specific meridian points.  It is very effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, grief, insomnia, anger, phobias, PTSD, addictive cravings (smoking, overeating), and more.  The speed and effectiveness of EFT is the result of treating the problem at its source, the imbalances in the body’s energy system.  This process can take from five minutes to an hour depending on the number of aspects (separate emotional parts of a feeling or a memory) which need to be treated.  EFT is a mind/body self healing energy system based on therapy that allows individuals to remove cognitive and emotional blocks to well-being quickly and permanently…..without medication or long term therapy.  It is a dynamic, empowering technique that is easily learned.  Barbara teaches this technique to her clients who can use it anytime or anywhere.  This is taught to clients in person or via Skype.

Barbara studied the Medicine Wheel, ancient healing techniques and acquired a knowledge of ENERGETIC TOOLS from a Shaman.  These are energy tools to enhance your life in several ways.  Which ones you learn depends on your situation. She teaches how to cut energetic cords to people, places, things in your life that drain you;  how to clear your home, work space, or any environment of negative energy;  how to protect your own energy from energy vampires that leave you feeling drained and fatigued.  She also offers clearing prayers that remove the energy from the emotional triggers in your life leaving you with more freedom to choose your response rather than engage in automatically responding to certain situations and how to release your past energetically. ……and more. This is a wonderful compliment to Relationship Wisdom teachings.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it . ”        Albert Einstein



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