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A Holistic Approach


Peaceful Relationships Through Relationship Wisdom

*  This is a two part class that teaches people how their emotional triggers affect their relationships…, co-workers, in-laws, children, parents…any relationship.
*  Participants learn techniques to release their triggers, step out of victim thinking, set better boundaries by learning to say “no” without guilt, and feel more personal empowerment and greater peace with relationships.


 Quit Smoking Class!

Do you have friends and relatives who want to breathe easier, save money on buying expensive cigarettes and wanting to live a longer quality life?  I have been helping people stop smoking for over 20 years through hypnosis.  Call me to discuss creating a group hypnosis just for you and your friends.  You will be there to support each other in this life changing decision !

  •  If you want an individual session to stop smoking…Call me for information about my January special !


Energetic Tools

*  Learn how to energetically clear your space.
*  Learn how to protect and maintain your energy.
*  Learn how to protect and maintain the energy of your sensitive child.


Emotional Freedom Technique

*  Learn a powerful tool that you can use for a lifetime.
*  This powerful technique balances your energy system.  It is used for many symptoms including stress, anxiety, worry, fears and much    more.


Group Hypnotherapy

*  Smoking Cessation
*  Weight Release
*  Relaxation/Stress Reduction


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