Do you desire to feel calmer and live a more peaceful life?  Would you like to quit smoking? Have you tried before and weren’t successful?   Would you like to release those extra pounds for health benefits and  to look and feel better?  Do you have fears you would like to overcome?  This is a powerful approach to assist you with each of these issues.  Barbara has been successfully helping people by using hypnotherapy for over seventeen years.  

The hypnotherapy session involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention focusing within and on the appropriate suggestions made during the session.  These suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves.  The client feels similar to just prior to falling asleep.  The client is always in control and may stop the session at any time.

Barbara recently assisted a young woman who was suffering from anxiety about an important upcoming college Nurse Practitioner class presentation.  After the presentation she said, “I can’t believe how well I did.  I was calm and focused. I did better than I ever could have imagined. Thank you so much !! ”  Another recent smoking cessation client reported, “Thank you so much for helping me quit smoking !  I don’t even think about having a cigarette anymore . My family is so happy I’ve quit and I feel better already.”

Barbara meets with each client prior to the actual hypnotherapy session in order to gather appropriate information for the personalized script she creates for each session.  The actual hypnotherapy session lasts approximately one hour.


What choices will you make today that will move you forward into the vision of who you want to become ?


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