Would you like to alleviate worry and stress in your life?  Are your relationships causing you anxiety? Are you experiencing difficult changes?  Are you feeling anxious, stressed, resentful, emotionally drained from worry about your partner, adult children, aging siblings, co-workers, caring for a parent or any of life’s challenges?  Do you want to feel peaceful, have more energy and clarity?  Do you want to calmly deal with difficult relationships and challenging situations?   Learn powerful tools to feel more peace, calmer and more empowered.  Learn effective communication skills such as how to say “no” without feeling guilty.  Learn tools to eliminate your emotional triggers and let go of the past. Change your limiting beliefs.  You will gain clarity, have more energy, and feel more in control of your emotions and your life.

Clients who work with Barbara learn to trust themselves.  They feel much stronger physically, mentally and are emotionally prepared to deal with life’s difficult situations.   They feel empowered, happier and are able to let go of the past.  They learn powerful techniques to clarify their feelings and are able to make challenging decisions with comfort. They begin to confidently care and nurture themselves.

Relationships are our primary method of learning and evolving.   ~ Brian Weiss, M.D. ~

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