COACHING:  Barbara is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Life Story Coach.  She coaches in person and anywhere in the world by Skype or Zooom.  Coaching focuses on helping clients move out of difficult situations by setting goals, creating plans and taking actionable steps towards a  more desired outcome.  Coaches are action-based to move you forward.  Coaching is focused on the present and the future.  Through coaching, clients learn how to use healthy and helpful ways of navigating through life’s challenges.  There is no diagnosis present with a coaching client.   It’s analogous to taking you car in for an oil change, not a new engine.

  • Relationship Wisdom Tools
  • Stopping the Negative Chatter
  • Spiritual & Personal Growth
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating A New Story
  • Alleviating Stress & Worry


Emotional Freedom Technique:  EFT is a powerful approach Barbara teaches her clients to use any where, any time in their lives.  It is a powerful tool that quickly resolves emotional distress.  It is very effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, grief, insomnia, anger, phobias, and more.  The speed and effectiveness of EFT is the result of treating the problem at it’s source, the imbalances in the body’s energy system.  It is a mind/body self healing energy system based on allowing individuals to remove blocks to well-being without medication or long term therapy.  It is a tapping tool that is easily learned in person or via Skype.

Energy Healing:  Healing energy is spiritually guided life force energy.   The whole person is treated including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Contentment, relaxation, decreased feelings of stress, fear and anxiety  are common responses from clients after a session.  Clients often say,  ” Wow!  I’ve never felt this relaxed” after a session. This session is in person.

Energetic Tools: These are energy tools to enhance your life in several ways.  Which ones you learn depends on your situation. I offer  how to cut energetic cords to people, places, things in your life that drain you;  how to clear your home, work space, or any environment of negative energy;  how to protect your own energy from energy vampires that leave you feeling drained and fatigued.  I also offer clearing prayers that remove the energy from the emotional triggers in your life leaving you with more freedom to choose your response rather than engage in automatically responding to certain situations and how to release your past energetically. ……and more. 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it . ”        Albert Einstein

CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY:  This is a deeply relaxing experience where your body relaxes and your subconscious mind becomes more focused.  In this relaxed state, you feel at ease physically…yet fully awake mentally, and you may be highly responsive to suggestion.  Your conscious mind becomes less alert and your subconscious mind becomes more focused in order to achieve healing. Barb uses this approach for deep relaxation, stress relief, smoking cessation, weight release and some phobias.  

**Barbara has assisted people who were two pack a day smokers to quit !  She has assisted people in improving their public speaking confidence, lose weight, overcome phobias, and feel less stressed.  Recently a client commented after her teenage grandson’s first hypnotherapy experience, “He was visibly more relaxed and hopeful.” After more sessions she commented ” His anxiety level has dropped to almost zero.  He is more self-confident, happier overall and much more relaxed.”

It is recommended these services be used in combination with each other.


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